5x 10ml Edge E-Liquid Apple 3mg 6mg 12mg and 18mg 50-50


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5x 10ml Edge E-Liquid Very Menthol 3 mg 6mg 12mg 18mg
13 Flavours.

Options are 3mg 6ng 12ng 18mg

British Tobacco gives you your traditional tobacco flavour. Therefore, it is recommended as an all day vape especially for someone who does not like fruity blends.

Virginia Tobacco is an e-liquid that creates of the taste of what rolled cigarettes is like.

Strawberry milkshake combines strawberry and vanilla to create a smooth strawberry milkshake flavour.

Strawberry and Lime combines two popular flavours, it’s a mix of strawberries and limes, making it an interesting combination.

Forest fruits is a flavour that cannot be missed. This e-liquid is a blend of berries including strawberries and blueberries.

Cherry Menthol is a twist on two flavours mixed into one e-liquid. This e-liquid starts with a taste of cherry which is followed by menthol.

Blueberry is an e-liquid with a fruity taste making it perfect for when you want a good morning vape.

Blackcurrant is one of the fruit flavours that should not be missed. This flavour is perfect for anyone who loves the fruity blends of e-liquid.

Very Menthol is just like your standard menthol but with more of an EDGE. As a result, this e-liquid has a strong menthol flavour.

Heizen is a blend of fruits and menthol. This blend gives you a mix of fruit and menthol in one.

New Flavours

Strawberry and Water Melon
Menthol Tobacco

50 VG | 50 PG


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