4 x VIP 10ml E-Liquid (3mg-6mg-12mg-18mg) 50PG-50VG All 11 Flavours


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ImageNicotine Strength (mg-ml)FlavoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
no nicotineTriple Menthol£12.991 in stock
no nicotineUSA Kentucky Tobacco£12.996 in stock
18mg/mlTriple Menthol£12.992 in stock
18mg/mlUSA Kentucky Tobacco£12.992 in stock
12mg/mlRed Fusion£12.993 in stock
12mg/mlStrawberry Velvet£12.993 in stock
12mg/mlSub Zero Iced£12.993 in stock
12mg/mlTriple Menthol£12.992 in stock
12mg/mlUSA Kentucky Tobacco£12.992 in stock
18mg/mlBritish Gold£12.998 in stock
6mg/mlUSA Kentucky Tobacco£12.992 in stock
12mg/mlBritish Gold£12.993 in stock
12mg/mlBlack Jack£12.994 in stock
12mg/mlCherry Burst£12.996 in stock
12mg/mlForest Fruit De La Passion£12.992 in stock
12mg/mlPear Drop£12.992 in stock
6mg/mlForest Fruit De La Passion£12.996 in stock
6mg/mlPear Drop£12.991 in stock
6mg/mlRed Fusion£12.991 in stock
6mg/mlStrawberry Velvet£12.994 in stock
6mg/mlSub Zero Iced£12.996 in stock
6mg/mlTriple Menthol£12.995 in stock
3mg/mlUSA Kentucky Tobacco£12.991 in stock
6mg/mlBlack Ice Blast£12.991 in stock
12mg/mlBlack Ice Blast£12.994 in stock
6mg/mlBritish Gold£12.993 in stock
6mg/mlBlack Jack£12.995 in stock
6mg/mlCherry Burst£12.992 in stock
3mg/mlRed Fusion£12.991 in stock
3mg/mlStrawberry Velvet£12.99Out of stockOut of Stock
Out of Stock
3mg/mlSub Zero Iced£12.991 in stock
3mg/mlTriple Menthol£12.993 in stock
3mg/mlPear Drop£12.993 in stock
3mg/mlBlack Ice Blast£12.994 in stock
3mg/mlBritish Gold£12.992 in stock
3mg/mlBlack Jack£12.992 in stock
3mg/mlCherry Burst£12.995 in stock
3mg/mlForest Fruit De La Passion£12.992 in stock


4 x VIP 10ml E-Liquid

Please note these are the New 50/50 Range
there maybe a change in profile of flavours compared to old stock
These are now clear liquids



All 11 Flavours

Black Ice Blast

Black Ice Blast is a cunning concoction that blends sweet autumn blackberries with a super chilled helping of menthol.
The inhale is cool with tones of tart sweetness from the blackberries and the exhale gives you lashings of frosty menthol.
Black Ice Blast is like skiing through a forest of sweet smelling pine trees, Black Ice Blast will invigorate you and bring you to life.

Black Jack

This e-liquid combines aniseed and liquorice flavour.

Produced using only the finest ingredients this e-liquid is great tasting.

British Gold

Traditional tobacco e-liquid flavours are one of the most popular and British Gold Tobacco is no exception.
This liquid has a great length of flavour, always a sign of quality, giving a great vape.

Cherry Burst

Cherry Burst is an e-liquid that takes all the great qualities of cherries and bottles them up to provide you with a fantastic vaping experience.
Cherry Burst has been produced in the UK to the highest of standards that will ensure you get a great vape every time.

Forest Fruits De La Passion

This e-liquid combines Blackberries, strawberries and a handful of fruit flavours.
Strawberry flavoured e-liquids are a real favourite among VIP customers and Forest Fruits De La Forrest is no exception.

Pear Drop

The two flavour components that gives Pear Drop its distinctive flavour are pears, of course, and bananas.
These combined with plenty of sweet flavours come together to give you a great vaping experience.

Red Fusion

Red Fusion is a sophisticated vaping experience with a fruity body of flavour with menthol notes.

Strawberry Velvet

Strawberry Velvet is made in the UK and so you can be sure of outstanding quality and satisfaction with every vape.

Sub-Zero Iced Mint

This is a full menthol flavoured e-liquid.
No e-liquid collection would be complete without this fresh, menthol mainstay.

Triple Menthol Ice

Triple menthol is a strong menthol flavoured vape.
Triple Menthol Ice has a quickly become one of our fastest selling e-liquids and is a truly cool all-rounder.

USA Kentucky Tobacco

USA Kentucky Tobacco e-liquid gives all the taste of smoky flavoured Kentucky tobacco.

Tobacco flavoured e-liquids are always well received and USA Kentucky Tobacco is no different.


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