Vampire Vape Dot Pro Prefilled Pod Nicsalts (Pack of 2) Menthol 20mg


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Vampire Vape  Dot Pro Prefilled Pod Nicsalts (Pack of 2) Menthol 20mg  ( pods for sale not kit on this listing )

Refresh your palate with our invigorating Menthol prefilled pods, featuring an icy-cold flavour that invigorates your taste buds with every inhale. The pods hold 2ml of liquid and come with our very own 20mg Nic Salts that enhance flavour whilst satisfying cravings.

The chilling menthol is further amplified with the use of the popular honeycomb mesh core that evenly heats and absorbs liquid
These pods come in a pack of two and feature a leak-proof design, allowing your device to stay fuller for longer.

Prefilled pods come in a pack of two with 20mg salt-base juice that effectively curbs cravings. The addition of the magnetic base allows for easy assembly, but please note, this pod is only suitable for the Dot Pro device.


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