One Hit Wonder Premium Concentrate 30ml for DIY Mixing All 9 Amazing Flavours


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One Hit Wonder  Premium  Concentrate 30ml for DIY Mixing All 9 Amazing Flavours

They are designed to be used in your D.I.Y e liquid mixes so you can make your own delicious juices at home.

Please note Cake and biscuit flavours do benefit from a couple of weeks steep

For easy of use you can purchase our Bottle Shot mix kit everything you need to mix 30ml concentrate with nicotine shots either 3mg/6mg  add from the drop down menu.

You get a bottle a 250ml bottle with
90ml of Vg/Pg mix
6 Nicotine shots either
6 x 9mg  ( 3mg)
6 x 18mg ( 6mg )

Just add your with your 30ml Concentrate to make 180ml of E-liquid  ( with room to shake )

One Hit Wonder Army Man

One Hit Wonder Army Man is delicious freshly made creamy custard and citrusy Key Lime Pie vape aroma. The Inhale is a basket of tasty tart limes mixed with a delicious custard, the finish is that savoury rich graham cracker crust surrounded by an army of green tasty lime.

One Hit Wonder Fire Man

A tantalizing freshly pressed pink lemonade. Sweet, juicy, a little lemony sour, bursting with flavour.

One Hit Wonder Island Man

Part of One Hit Wonder’s Man Series, Island Man is a tropical blend of fruit punch ripe with juicy flavour! The inhale begins with an orange-cherry taste paired with pineapples and strawberries that’s subtly tangy in its delivery. The exhale mixes the inhale’s fruity notes with a smooth and pronounced flavour of the watermelon undertones of kiwi.

One Hit Wonder Magic Man

Magic Man stands out by offering a watermelon gummy bear aroma flavour that’s nothing short of delicious. The vape inhale starts with a subtly juicy watermelon foundation with just a sprinkle of sugar. The watermelon is encased in an even ‘gummier’ layer of flavour that’s like chowing down on the real thing!

One Hit Wonder Mini Muffin Man

The inhale takes things slow with a baked strawberry taste. The exhale envelops the strawberries with a cloud of moist, sweet, and flakey cake flavor that really ties the whole thing together.

One Hit Wonder Muffin Man

One Hit Wonder’s Man Series Muffin Man blends just the right amount of crisp apple flavor into the profile of a warm cinnamon muffin. The inhale starts with the taste of a crisp, baked apple during the initial draw. The exhale dots your taste buds with cinnamon spice during the cakey, creamy muffin finish.

One Hit Wonder My Man

My Man offers scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream with this Neapolitan blend of aroma! The My Man inhale starts with a scoop of strawberry ice cream with supporting notes of vanilla underneath. The vanilla continues to keep things low-key during the exhale which is chock full of rich, chocolaty flavour.

One Hit Wonder Rocket Man 30ml

This aroma takes a tart Greek yogurt and ties the flavour together with fresh blueberries and crunchy granola. The inhale begins with a tart delivery; partially from the yogurt, but more so from the blueberries. The granola can be found littering the exhale as a supportive undertone.

One Hit Wonder The Man

One Hit Wonder Man Series offers a refreshing strawberry milk aroma with The Man. The taste of the strawberries can be consistently found throughout every draw. The strawberries keep a low profile during the inhale, but strengthens in taste when intertwined with the creamy milk finish.


A concentrated flavouring, which has been created for mixing in a DIY e-liquid. Please don’t vape it without diluting it first.

We suggest mixing most concentrates at approximately 15-17 initially and then adjusting to your personal taste.

All of the  concentrates we stock are PG based.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from other foodstuffs, children or pets.
Made in the UK.


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